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What materials do you use?

I make cymbals primarily from traditional B20 bell bronze, as well as phosphor bronze (aka malleable bronze/ B8/B10/) and stainless steel. My raw bronze materials are sourced only from the finest Turkish and Brazilian foundries and my stainless steel comes from the USA.

Do you do modifications?

YES! I pride myself on being the premier cymbal modification artisan in the world and modifications account for an enormous part of my business. I can modify existing cymbals by lathing them to reduce their weight/change their tension and/or by hand hammering them to increase their tonal complexity, adjust their profile and alter their tension.  I can also add patina, polish or protective coating. Additionally I can perform crack cut-downs, repairs and add holes. 

Are your cymbals hand hammered?

My cymbals are all hand hammered in the traditional sense, meaning they are given their profile shape, tension and unique sound by hand hammering.  They are also hand lathed, hand washed, hand edged, hand stamped and hand finished.  Even the logos are applied by hand. The only machinery I employ in my shop is my lathe, which spins the cymbal while I press a cutting tool (by hand again) against the cymbal. My cymbals take a very long time, a lot of expertise and a lot of patience to complete. 

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