Custom Shop

Where your cymbal dreams become a reality

The NickyMoon Custom Shop is where you can get fully customizable, top quality cymbals handmade in the USA for prices comparable to off-the-shelf mass produced factory brand cymbals. Here you can let all your craziest cymbal fantasies run wild. Virtually anything not available in one of my series platforms can be made here. Additionally, cymbals with combined characteristics across platforms can be made in endless variations. For example, a 20" medium ride with "1" series hammering/profile and lathed in a Relic Half Naked finish. Done. Or a 22" Modern Angel thin crash with a custom patina striped finish and eight 1" vent holes for extra trashiness. No problem. Want a custom graphic laser / patina finish with your band logo? We have you covered. Contact us now with you ideas and get started on creating your dream cymbals.