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NickyMoon Custom Cymbals

Made one at a time by hand in the USA

At NickyMoon, cymbals are life. Cymbals are our most profound obsession and each one of our instruments is painstakingly crafted by hand from beginning to end. No automation. No two are exactly alike. True instruments are like true artists - unique and organic. Play what no one else plays. Play cymbals that speak. Play NickyMoon.

Custom Cymbal Products and Services

As an independent cymbalsmith shop, NickyMoon offers a range of custom cymbal services along with a unique product line. If you need help with cymbal repair, cymbal modification, cymbal lathing, hand hammering, cymbal customization, or custom graphic cymbals, NickyMoon is here to help. We are based in the NYC and NJ area, but will ship worldwide.


Some of our customized products include:

-B20 (bell bronze)

-B8 (malleable bronze or phosphor bronze) 

-stainless steel

-ride cymbals





-patina finishes


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