The most labor intensive cymbals made by NickyMoon - 1 Series Elite begin their journey straight from the rolling mill. These cymbals are hand hammered from a thick, heavy slab of B20 with no bell pressed in, not even a center hole. Just making the bell takes about 90 minutes of non-stop hand hammering. 5 more sessions of repeated hand hammering and lathing to achieve the steep flying saucer profile and appropriate tension and topograhy.  The resulitng sound harkens back to the very old, first generation Istanbul old K's. They have that "kah, koo" thing going on. Killer stick definition, dark hissing undertones and a beautiful, dry but full and open crash. If you want a cymbal will soul, this is your baby. 1 Series Elite are overflowing with the blood, sweat and tears of the craftsman, NickyMoon himself. This 21" is 2059 grams. Crimson logo only available on Elite models.

21"1 Series Elite Thin Ride

SKU: #0285-1E