The Empire Strikes Back

I‘m not saying I’m a huge player in the industry, but I do know that the ‘2 Families‘ of the North American cymbal mafia have eyes everywhere and I get the sense I’m being watched. Really, it’s one family divided and we all know who I’m referring to... It’s not just me they’re watching, It’s all the small, single man cymbal shops and craftsmen worldwide. Keep a look out boys, watch your tails....And I guess we should be humbled and maybe even honored, because it does seem that they’re in some ways actually emulating us now. It’s not like we represent a big place in the market but if you start earning anything on the mob’s territory, you can bet they're going to take notice and try to snuff you out. For years these factories shamelessly cranked out ungodly numbers of big, heavy, high pitched sewer cap cymbals because they had such a stranglehold on the market that people basically didn’t have a choice to play anything else. Well the economy has gone global and people have more options now at their fingertips than ever before. I do a fair amount of business turning these sewer caps into appropriately weighted and hand worked, refined instruments and I’m not shy about it either. I always watch my competition, especially the big boys, and oddly enough, lately I‘ve been noticing the weights coming down on models - especially of this particular line that I work on the most (rhymes with “hey”). Also new lines with names such as ‘complex’ etc are popping up, marketed as hand hammered (despite being machine hammered, quite convincingly to the untrained eye). One company (you know who) had the audacity to post picture on social media of a cymbal with a ball peen hammer next to it, despite the fact that their own website admits they haven’t hand hammered a cymbal since the mid 80’s. It’s fair to say the Emperor has sensed the presence of the young Jedis and I feel the pushback coming hard. Prepare to go to war boys. It’s about to get hot out there. However, do not fear Goliath. The slingshot guided by a skilled hand and a hungry heart will always be a viable threat.

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