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Hammering Round II

Today was round 2 of my portion of the hand hammering. Using my 850 gram flat faced dog head hammer, my "old standby", i expanded on the sparse foundation laid in the first session. with a medium amount of force, being careful not to hammer too densely, my purpose here was simply to bring a flat, evenness to the blank and then stop. the edges sit mostly flat on my truing table now but no appreciable curvature (or pleasant sounds) are present yet. i will leave the profile development and sonic tuning to my two co-conspirators Dave and Craig. i won't do any more hammering, but i do have a few more steps before i pack this lovely bronze beauty up and ship her out to england. next i will saddle this developing pie up onto my lathe to cut away the razor sharp edges left over from the crude circle cutting process at the factory, smoothing them down and making them safe to handle. Lastly, i will lathe a few passes off the underside of the bell and engrave my name - that'll be it!! It's getting close to shipping time! Stay tuned

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