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Jimmy Meier


Jimmy Meier is a multi-instrumentalist/record producer based in New Jersey. His musical journey started in middle school when he got sick of playing Saxophone and learned enough guitar to write songs to impress girls. He wound up impressing himself and purchased some recording equipment to document them. As one microphone turned into two, and two turned into 4, he started learning how to play new instruments to make his songs sound how they did in his head. Soon he was playing drums and bass to accompany himself on record. Every teenager had songs and a guitar, but very few played drums, so he played in different local bands throughout his formative years and recorded them, as well as others. His interest in drumming and recording had flourished into a passion and he went to college to study music production. 


He cut his teeth in those 4 years and entered the real world as a professional drummer and recording engineer working in a studio during the day and playing gigs at night. One of those gigs connected him with his current bandmate who asked him to join his band, The Dives. Reluctantly, he joined the original band and within a year was touring the United States and the UK with bands such as  KISS, The Dead Daisies, The B 52’s, Rick Springfield, The Plain White T’s, and The Wallflowers. Upon discovering Nicky Moon Custom Cymbals and becoming an Artist Partner, Jimmy was so impressed with Nick’s craftsmanship that he began apprenticing with him to learn the art of cymbal making. He is excited to be a part of the Nicky Moon Family and for what is to come!

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